Chemical Warfare Drew Costigan 1996

Blast your way through the front gate of a secret underground military installation in this FPS made with Pie In The Sky's Game Creation System. Battle it out with enemy guards as you descend deeper and deeper into the subterranean complex, acquiring an impressive arsenal of weapons and equipment along the way. You must find a computer disk that contains vital information about the toxic chemicals that are being produced inside this facility. Through wave after wave of enemy reinforcements, you make your way back up to the surface and search for the rescue helicopter which is waiting to carry you, and the disk, to safety... before time runs out. The fate of the entire world is in your hands! Battle your way through 7 levels with 7 different weapons: the Karate kick, the Slime Gun, the Grenade toss, the Machine gun, the Gas Grenade toss, the Rocket Launcher, and the Shotgun.
Free Game 3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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