SlamScape Viacom New Media 1996

Cyberspace is in danger again, and you've got to save it. Gameplay is reminiscent of Spectre VR. It's set in a surreal world of bomb-throwing ferris wheels, deadly teddy bears, exploding balloons, bottled brains on unicycles and a Scary-Go-Round, a spinning seagull named Gullicopter, a monstrous creation called Crabzilla and other bizarre enemies. Your objective is to pilot a rocket-mounted pile driver called a Slamjet while shooting, blasting, smashing and jumping anything and everything you see throughout four dangerous regions. Derived from your subconscious, the regions contain four heavily guarded Orb-Ids needed for level progression. Once obtained, you'll then take the orbs to a central location within that level. You must employ a different strategy for each orb you wish to obtain. Obtaining the Orb-Ids won't be easy as you're going up against 16 blood-thirsty opponents lusting for victory. While the default weapon is a Shockball there are a variety of special weapons including Minetraps, a Fasterblaster, a Ripstar and a devastating Torp, which is the most powerful item available. While flying in your futuristic craft, Nodensnaggers and Power Leeches will land on top of you, zapping your energy and draining your power. Graphics are fully 3D with polygonal enemies and objects, and the game touts a dynamic soundtrack composed by alternative rock band God Lives Underwater.
ISO Demo 325MB (uploaded by
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by

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