Game of Death: Bloody Infidelity RSK Entertainment 2014

Game of Death includes 12 levels, 12 different locations at various different times of the day, night, sunset, dawn and more. This game has average between 2 to 3 hours of gameplay time. It has standard third-person gameplay that is quite smooth and fast with respect to the smallest details and error in accuracy of shooting, variation of fire Particles and smoke with the highest quality and compliance details. A professional sound environment simulates the sound of the war, weapons, Pumices and and so on. There's interactive ingame cinematics, varied gameplay (shooter - stealth - racing with car - motor racing - shooting at the helicopters and heavy machinery). There's dynamic AI that has error coefficient in shooting, over 10 characters with stunning quality, a variety of internal and external environments (urban - military bases - Villa - forest, desert, etc). The story of the video game written by Amir Reza Abedini. Take this idealistic idea to fight against the wars and violence and try to create an atmosphere where the audience can see the true ugliness and brutality of war. Also this game is trying to counter the violence in Syria and their terrorist crimes against the civilians. The game narrative depicts the reality of war and weapons of mass destruction against the Civilians.
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Iranian Full Demo 2.42GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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