Universal Force: Eardis Second Edition [K] Soft Action / CD Utopia 1997

Officially the sequel to Eardis, but Universal Force actually follows an entirely different concept. Soft Action had a shot at the third dimension for the first time, and the result was a first person flight action game similar to Terminal Velocity or Fury 3. The missions are all very simple, the task is always to destroy certain structures while avoiding / wiping out the enemy air defense. Controls are simple enough, steering, thrust, brake, laser, missile, missile change, much more isn't neccessary. There is also a radar map available, but for no apparent reason it is mirrored, which is very confusing. Every few mission awaits a flight on auto pilot, which means a FMV sequence in where the player just has to concentrate on the shooting alone, here the game uses a mouse aim. These sections are kinda boring, though, as the enemies just fly over the screen without attempting any offensive moves, and when too many of them escape, the mission has to be repeated. After every mission the player gets back to the base, where one can equip the ship with various boosters, guns and missiles, load or save the game and watch the briefing. The 3D graphics are kinda meh, mostly for the extremely short view range. The terrain often blends in even later than objects, so far away tanks and buildings look like they're floating in the air when seen from afar. Nonetheless, the game was rather hardware hungry compared to its visual quality, but there is also a scanlined mode available, which greatly improves the performance. The FMV portions of course are less hardware-dependent and look better than the rest of the game, but they're still somewhat sterile and boring. Once again, the music makes the best part of the game, it even was decorated for best music in a Korean game in 1997. Only the fact that it's all CD audio makes it a bit undynamic, and the obligatory gap at the end of a track is a bit annoying.
Korean Full Demo 9MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 365MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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