Avenging Angel Dark Amber Softworks 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 15/2018 Thia is at its core an "interactive story" set in an imaginary world, but the exploration, experiencing, and participating happens through time tested and familiar FPS dynamics. The story takes place on Planet Earth, in a steampunk setting, roughly 10000 years from our current day and age, where 21st Century has not only passed from history to legend, but also from legend into myth. The game is based on Henri Brandt's "The Land of Strange Gods" -universe. You are an Associate of the Inventors Guild dropped on an island in the Atlantic Ocean on a routine maintenance job. As you venture through the island, it becomes clear that there is nothing remotely routine about this mission, as you are pulled into the web of international, as well as metaphysical, conflict. Decipher forbidden history, learn about forgotten tragedy, and in the end, answer the question of all questions: "What is existence?" It's a story-driven adventure FPS set in a steampunk world. It has two player characters to choose from, male and female (Vincent & Amity). Explore, interact, sneak or fight your way through the island topside and the vast underground facility. It has dual-wield powerful weapons, both melee and projectile. Unleash the power of the fabled gun-blade, wreak havoc with a grenade launcher, or do both, at the same time. A multitude of enemies: deranged automatons, malfunctioning cyborgs, mechanical animals, and the deadly QingTing Empire commandos. Equip "Goggle Glass" to see through walls, discover hints and secrets invisible to the naked eye. Download information and read journals from SoulFire terminals and "Orbnals". Mod your weapons into more powerful versions and discover new "Goggle Glass" features. Collect and utilize power-up potions such as "Alchemist Sundstroem's Stamina Potion" (contains real reindeer antler extract) and "PowerBolt Energy Potion". Play a mini-game to gain access codes to optional areas.
Pre-Alpha Demo v1.11 728MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
ISO Demo 4.86GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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