Duke Nukem 3D Screensaver & Entertainment Pack GT Interactive 1996

This carries forth the very essence of the Duke Nukem 3D game: blood, gore, death, and destruction! It contains: 5 Fully animated screen saver modules, 16 electronic jigsaw puzzles based upon Duke Nukem 3D scenes, 25 ultra cool wallpaper tiles, 50 full screen wallpaper images of Duke Nukem 3D scenes, 16 music tracks from the game, in MIDI format, 25 hip and happening sound clips from the game that can be used to customize your desktop, and a still image (slide show) screen saver based upon the 50 scenes (above).
Shareware Level Demo v1.1 ~1.4MB ( @ CNET France)
ISO Demo ~15MB (upload by Scaryfun)

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