Duke Nukem 3D Addon Total Meltdown Sierra Online Inc. 1996

This is Sierra's first entry into the world of expansions. "Total Meltdown" comes with 500 all-new levels for Duke Nukem 3D, new textures, animations, sounds and 35 new face-chomping characters are also included. In contrast to most other commercial add-ons each level has been carefully tested and rated. It's designed for Duke:V1.3. There is a Level Customizer. The CD contains a folder called "Anims" for animation, in there are 4 different folders for the differant actions with about 100 gif's for each of the characters in different poses. The textures are also in the gif format. There are FAQs included but they are all old versions of updated docs available on the internet today. This title shouldn't be confused with the PSX conversion of the original Duke Nukem 3D which also was "Total Meltdown".
ISO Demo ~135Mb (upload by Scaryfun)

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