AX:EL - Air XenoDawn / MorphShift Wars Axe Eel Games / KISS ltd 2014

Take a dogfight game; add a bit of sci-fi; sprinkle in some custom shape-shifting aircraft; pour in lots of enemies; sit back and wait for the carnage. Build your own aircraft and prepare to fight. Combining the very best of sci-fi and aerial dogfighting gameplay, this delivers a totally new gaming experience. Create your very own shape-shifting vehicle and dominate both the sky and the ocean. Build your own bespoke aircraft, from mainframe to wings. Dominate the skies then watch your aircraft morph in to a silent underwater killing machine as you chase the enemy from the blue skies in to the darkest depths of the ocean.
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Beta Demo v2.99 171MB (uploaded by Softpedia)
ISO Demo 784MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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