Eliminator Psygnosis 1998

In this game similar to Forsaken and Tunnel B1, you take the wheel of a hovercraft and try to survive the Eliminator. You tackle the challenges of the Penitentiary, Maze, Asylum, Cage, Chasm, Monastery, Tomb, and Fortress levels, but pay attention to the clock, because if it runs out, so does your life. Blast enemies on the ground or in the air thanks to a revolutionary new targeting system. Should the arena challenges become too easy, challenge your friends with the Versus mode. You zoom around narrow corridors, fighting your way through wave upon wave of robotic monstrosities, picking up power-ups (which improve weaponry and top up your health) and taking on the obligatory end-of-level bosses. There are traps galore, doors to unlock and secret weapons to bolt on as you plough your way through to the end of the game. There's four unique ships, huge arenas with eight different levels and eight bonus levels, over 30 types of enemies, and 12 different weapons.
Full Demo ~27MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo ~377MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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