Android T. Habersack 1997

The hero is James Steel, member of the Interstellar Alliance Army (IAA). For years, the IAA has had to deal with a rebel organization called "Androids". They are an entire army of robots. In their mothership, the cruiser "Revenge", they have caused some disruption in some galaxies. But they have never been considered a real threat. Until now. One of our secret bases intercepted a message. It would seem that ANDROID has made a new kind of droid, called the AW-3000. The AW-3000 is the most advanced android ever. The AW standing for Advanced Weaponry, the AW-3000 has Titanium armor, 1 lazer cannon arm, and some other types of weapons we've never even heard of. The IAA wants you to go and snuff out the AW-3000. Armed with the latest in weapon technology, including the V-10. The V-10 are glasses you wear that give you your health status, inventory, weapon type, etc. As you finish getting your gear on board your ship, you begin to wonder if you will be coming back, ALIVE. Upon exiting hyperspace, your scanners quickly warn you of an enemy ship. A big enemy ship. Knowing you could never win against those odds, you quickly turn your ship around and hightail it home. But before you can get underway, your ship is caught in a tractor beam. Your ship is quickly boarded and you are taken captive. When the interrogator droid learns what your mission is, you are quickly transported to the mothership, "Revenge"! As they usher you down the seemingly endless prison corridors, you wonder if you will ever be coming out of there again. You have various weapons, including a Stun Gun, and a Rocket Launcher. Filled with secret passages, this game requires you to use your brain as well as your ability to walk around and blast all the androids in sight!! This shareware game was made with Pie 3D Game Creation System and the registered version has 35 levels.
Shareware Level Demo 763kb (uploaded by PCWorld)

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