Final Bullet G Plus Games / Qeon Interactive 2014

From veteran developers who have worked on the FPS Black Shot and the RPG MU Online, comes this FPS. The shooter provides fast-paced action gameplay with some distinctive features, such as the skill and ability system, various challenging game modes, as well as an in-depth customization system and a weapon tuning system. It's a Free-to-Play tactical PC online shooter set in the near future of the global modern-warfare. Players take the role of a highly trained military specialist who are well-armed with an arsenal of modern weapons, and teams up with others to defeat an enemy in a variety of battles. It's powered by Gamebryo Engine which takes all the ground-breaking features – a wide and huge variety of game modes, stages, authentic weapons, combat equipments, uniforms, and diverse selection of options for all ages that have an interest in virtual gun fighting on the internet. Combining the strategic elements of modern team-based online shooters with the pure thrill of the old-school first person shooters, it brings a whole new level of shooting to the battleground and lets players feel the true intensity of battle. It has a wide compatibility & stability with all existing key PC hardware. Easy to Learn, Easy to Play – More optional & versatile features for in-game control and virtual shooting architectures. Combat skill/perk, Gear Enhancing system and etc make player get double interest and power play without any restrictions and physical troubles. More than 80 authentic weapons with mixture of true-to-life and fictional statistic including M4A1, P90, AK47, AUG A3, and more. With more than 200 tactical war gear, combat equipment, uniforms, and items, such as head-gear, goggles, grenade, bulletproof jacket, and more. 25 more different types of exotic battlegrounds and mission objectives let player build/meet their own teammate and tactical strategy up every single moment. The game shut down in 2016.
Download: None currently available

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