Orbital Destruction MyPlayCity 2010

If you are in search of extraterrestrial adventures in the outer space and eager to take part in a defense mission, this game is full of thrills and unexpected turns, strange creatures and frightful attacks. The mission is against dangerous and hostile aliens who attack the planet and destroy everything they see. You are a pilot whose task is to stay invisible for their weapons - so you have to be a real professional. Get ready for extremely fast attacks and bullets aiming at you. Start your defense program with this extraordinary game. Orbital Destruction is full of fantastic surprises you will see that immediately. If you are not sure in your skill level and want to train a little - you are free to choose the level appropriate for you. The game process will be even more captivating when you discover that there are many types of weapons available. You will see that it's possible to gain points when you play and can get bonus items if you play well enough. What is more it's easy to control the game and the rules are quite simple to learn. Orbital Destruction is a good type of entertainment if you like speed, exact shooting and extreme conditions. So what are you waiting for - find your way through the numerous obstacles and enemies, protect the planet and get rid of disgusting monsters encroaching your freedom and well-being. Feel what it's like to become a real warrior.
Free Game 47MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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