Deep Eclipse: New Space Odyssey Ultravision Interactive / Immanitas Entertainment 2014

This is the ultimate space thriller in the best tradition of the genre. You're the pilot of a space fighter, accidentally catapulted into a parallel universe populated by hostile alien creatures; and they're not happy to see you! To get out of this hell, do your best, to destroy hordes of enemies. Be prepared to be part of this world, if you want to survive. Develop and upgrade your space fighter with a wide range of role-play features. Destroy to survive. Survive to return home. It has: advanced 3D graphic and effects with cool light effects, stunning and furious gameplay, mad and unique parallel universe locations, a huge number of monsters and deadly bosses, RPG character development, 2 trees of development - technological and organic, unique abilities for each of the development trees, 52 upgradable and well-balanced weapons, 30 perks, achievement system, great in-game camera for the best action.
Full Demo 308MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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