JetFighter III: Enhanced Campaign CD Mission Studios 1997

New scenery, missions and game features for the JetFighter III Combat Flight Simulator. The 74 new missions are a bit more challenging than those found in the original and follow the same well-implemented mission structure. The missions are divided into two campaigns: Seward's Ghost and Operation Dragonslayer. In Seward's Ghost, a ten-mission campaign, you are deployed to the Bering Straight to protect Alaska from Russians demanding that it be returned to them. With 64 missions, the Dragonslayer campaign is deeper and more interesting. It begins with the delivery of the F-14 for a test flight, just as a resurgent China starts looking for breathing room in Russia, Japan, and Korea. The missions have good flow, beginning with you beating back attacks on the fleet, then going further and further inland for strikes in support of the ground forces. You fall back now and then to protect the fleet some more, and the whole thing ends with a free-for-all attack on retreating Chinese forces. The new missions take place over that "5 million square miles" of new terrain in Alaska, Korea, Japan, and Eastern Russia. You can also do "free flights" over the new landscapes. The F-14 also brings along the AIM-54 "Phoenix" missiles: expensive, longer range, very accurate missiles. The Phoenix figures specifically into a mission that involves destroying incoming cruise missiles. Overall flight performance has been tweaked slightly with the addition of flaps, an autopilot, and modestly improved rudder realism. A wingman view, programmable joystick features, carrier views, faster load times, and new aircraft insignias round out the package. One of the problems of the original - hitches during terrain loading - has been slightly smoothed, but not substantially.
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in JetFighter Platinum ISO Demo 390MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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