Extreme Assault Blue Byte Software GmbH 1997

Aliens have secretly set up operation on Earth, it's up to you to stop their evil plans. With a futuristic Sioux AH-23 Attack Helicopter and a "Next Generation" T1 assault tank you're sure up for a fight. Blast your way through fancy 3D graphics (perhaps the most fancy to have been seen in a DOS game) from mission to mission. A game for those who crave non-stop action. And it features a magnificent soundtrack composed by Fabian Del Priore. It's a one- to four- player air/land combat game that puts you in a one-machine battle. The aliens have taken your towns and factories, they've kidnapped your people, and they've burrowed a staggeringly vast underground network into your tender green planet. Why, the rotten little SOBs even had the gall to swipe and overhaul one of your own naval destroyers for use against you. Your Sioux AH-23 attack helicopter maneuvers with Jetsons-era ease. And while a joystick of some kind feels especially good here (force-feedback models are also supported), you can do just fine with up, down, forward, backward, left, right, and with the fire key. The out-and-out battles in open skies are tense enough, but Extreme Assault really starts to get freaky when you're exploring a dark alien subterranean fortress, skulking around each new corner with no idea whether you're going to find mines or a four-story Anime-style robot. In towns and factories on the ground, chopper-to-chopper (or whatever) combat takes a pugilistic, bob-and-weave turn as you use the local buildings to your advantage, sideslipping to launch missiles or barrages of cannon-fire. The third-person follow-cam view of your Sioux is pretty all right, but the low-interference virtual-cockpit view is better. And the totally unobstructed vista of the sans-cockpit mode is better still, and safer - there are just too many things out there to risk even a minor blind spot.
Level Demo ~12MB ( @ Official Site)
Glidos - 3DFx Glide Emulator v1.47 / Infos
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Full Demo 53MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Proper ISO Demo & Manual ~463MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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