Extreme PaintBrawl 2 HeadGames / Activision 1999

Here you play with colored balls (which can also happen in real life if shot in a sensitive area...;-)). You can play one tournament season or enter directly into the action. If one selects the season, then one enters first a team name, afterwards buys arms from the standard pistol up to sniper rifles (also available). One can buy also new color balls, as well as CO2 cartridges, laser sights and camouflage suits likewise. Weapons, ammunition and other things are distributed to the individual team members. One can also improve his abilities (if one wants and one has the necessary money also). The first level leads the player into an underground parking lot. The opponents are not at all intelligent (which applies naturally also to your team members) and the paintballs fall a little heavily (so the physics don't seem accurate) to get the hang of it easily. The balls have (also depending upon your weapon) only a limited range. They often splat against the ground or a wall (depending upon which is closer) and it takes awhile to get used to them especially at the beginning. One has different game settings you can change: the number of opponents (always a majority), the weapon (marker), number of paintballs and the available CO2 gas (serves to fire the balls). Also an airport, storage hall and office buildings emerge as levels. The game engine behaves clearly below average, as does the animations. After a level ends (caused by either your own team or all opponents are hit) a statistics menu appears in which one also read off and see how much money one has earned in awards. This is invested into further weapons, munitions, equipment to be spread amongst your team members. If one completes one season, you may register yourself into a highscore list. Extreme Paintbrall 2 is clearly not up to par in graphics with other current games but I do not have anything against games of this non-violent kind (even if I have the firm conviction that with over 100 FPS games played to the end, still no humans have I killed). But why must a paintball game be so dull? Parents who want to protect their kids from games which are bloody and violent may buy this game instead, but should not be surprised if the child comes to them after 1 hour and requires a new game, because that's how long this game takes to play to the end).
Full Demo ~42MB (upped by keropi)

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