Dying Light Techland / Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment 2015

This is an action survival horror game with an open world. It is a peculiar mix of Dead Island, a production of the same studio, and Mirror's Edge from the creators of the Battlefield series. The players assume the role of one of four heroes in a city bearing resemblance to Rio de Janeiro and thus having the rustic look of its slums. The population of the metropolis has been infected with a mysterious virus that turned it into zombies. The developers utilize a solution similar to that known from the movie I Am Legend. During the day, zombies are not very active but at night they turn into bloodthirsty beasts, therefore the game is divided into two parts: freely exploring the surroundings looking for raw materials and weapons, and when the night comes, desperately trying to defend oneself from an aggressive horde of zombies. The players fight mutated humans primarily with melee weapons, firearms are rare. The title offers diverse weapons: axes, machetes, halberds, hammers, sticks, and so on. A great emphasis was also put on the creation of an extensive system of equipment so the players can combine seemingly useless things with the chosen weapon, gaining a damage bonus in this way. With the progress in the story mode, the protagonist gradually gainis experience which gives the players great opportunities to develop and customize his skill to their liking. The characteristic feature of the title is the movement system inspired by the work of EA DICE – Mirror's Edge. The protagonist can jump from building to building with an incredible grace and agility worthy of the best parkour people. This solution creates many possibilities so the players can explore virtually every corner of the city, regardless of how inaccessible it seems to be. The dynamic day and night cycle, in turn, ensures that the gameplay is not simply a bloody and merciless slaughter of mutants. It is sometimes better to get away from the overwhelming number of enemies than to meet them face to face, especially at night when the game environment changes beyond recognition, starting a true fight for survival. Hand in hand with the openness goes the dynamics of the world presented. During the game the players will sometimes come across a random event, and it depends on them whether they want to help someone, or just avoid a potential threat. The authors prepared a lot of side quests that are a nice break from the main storyline. It's powered by the sixth-generation Chrome Engine. It generates high-level graphics and enables the use of advanced DirectX 11 options. The engine used can simultaneously display a huge, diverse area with objects visible in the distance, and a large number of characters. The physics and animations were also improved, making melee combat and character movements very realistic. The storyline mode can be played solo or over the Internet with up to four friends. On Feb 9/2016, an Enhanced Edition was released with better graphics and enemy AI, among other things, including Bounties. Owners of the original game get these enhancements free of charge.

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Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition - MULTi9 Repack Full Demo v1.16.0 with All DLCs plus HD Movies, Working DevTools 12.2GB+955MB+1.92GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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