Fifth Element, The Kalisto Entertainment / UBI Soft Entertainment 1998

This a mediocre Tomb Raider type game based on the sci-fi film. You must go through 15 levels as the Bruce Willis character (who uses guns) and again as the Milla Jovovich character (who uses hand-to-hand combat). The story line of the video game follows the movie plot to some extent. Leeloo and Korben must save the world from an attack from an alternate dimension. They must get Leeloo to a certain area where symbols of the other four elements wait to be reunited with the fifth element and will stop the invasion. All the major locations are faithfully reproduced, from Corben's claustrophobic apartment, to the bizarre spaceport-cum-junkyard, and climactic Egyptian tomb. Enemies range from sluggish policemen to robots, and far more dangerous alien foes, armed with some seriously sauced-up weaponry. The streets of future New York are as towering as in the film, and choked with flying traffic that is more than merely scenery; you'll be leaping from ledge to ledge, or climbing beneath walkways, the whole time avoiding flying taxis and cars lest you be knocked the several miles to the ground: it's not a game for vertigo sufferers. It's probably these early stages which most impress, but later sections, such as those set on the Fhlotsam Paradise floating space hotel, impress with their visual oppulence.
Level Demo 13MB ( @ Soft Lookup)
Full Demo ~27MB Movies Addon ~166MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Full Demo ~40MB ( @ Fajnegry)
ISO Demo 377MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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