Paint The Town Red MattCarr / South East Games 2015

Early Access Release This is a chaotic and blood-soaked first person brawler where nearly everything you see can be picked up and used as a weapon – to brutal (and comical) effect. Built over 7 days for this year's #7DFPS jam from the developers of last year's Probably Archery, it puts you in the shoes of an undercover cop whose cover has just been blown. The upshot of which means that you have to fight wave after wave of box-headed thugs using anything you can get your hands on – from pool balls to meat cleavers. As well as the obvious weaponry, there's also as some interesting weaponry hidden away. Kill, maim and dismember enough enemies without getting hit to fill your special power bar, and you'll even unlock the ability to call in slow-mo splatterfest sniper shots by pointing your fingers.
Prototype Demo 27MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo v0.8.24 337MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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