Forsaken Probe Entertainment / Acclaim 1998

Similar to Descent this uses hovercrafts (many are available to be chosen all with different abilities) on a hunt for gold. Earth has been rendered largely uninhabitable by an explosion caused by a bungled experiment. Few would dare to brave its unstable and searing environments - only those determined to grab a little of its remaining gold. You are one of those, taking your hover-bike into disintegrating caverns for a few hours of dangerous work which, successful or not, will be your last. It has super graphics, and is less complicated than Descent. There are diverse levels, but unfortunately the degree of difficulty is not particularly well-balanced in parts. Level 3 on account of a time limit is one of the most difficult ones. Each level has a defined exit which must be reached within a tight time limit. The surrounding areas are collapsing around you, with spikes and turbine fans among your hazards. The singleplayer-mode has four difficulty modes: easy, normal, hard and total mayhem. Each has progressively stronger enemies and less ammo to spare. There are 15 levels which have to be completed by the player — sometimes within a time limit — and occasionally include a huge end-boss against which the player must exhaust a fair amount of ammunition while dodging excessive retaliatory fire. In order to complete a mission, different efforts must be made by the player such as finding the exit or activating triggers to open locked doors. There are six different types of multiplayer games: Free For All (deathmatch), Team Game, Capture The Flag, Flag Chase, Bounty Hunt, and Team Bounty Hunt. Cool game. Forsaken was featured as a comic book series published by Acclaim Comics shortly after its release.

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Level Demo 18MB (uploaded by
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Full Demo ~69MB (@ Forsaken Planet)
Fan-Made Levels
Full Demo ~55MB (upped by keropi)Movie Addon ~37Mb (upped by MasteromaN) Update v1.01 ~2MB (created for 3DSL by Hellsgate & upped by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo ~460MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Source Port
Full Demo using Forsaken X works on Win10 332MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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