10 Years After TenTreeGames 2015

Early Access Release This is a survival based horror (Open World) Single Player Adventure. After the government rolled out an injection to the general public to stem the violence and quell the human emotions, things were going well... Peace on earth was achieved. People who were injected were added to the "Calm Register" - no murders no rapes no crime. It was an Utopian society... that is until things went wrong and the injection bites back! It features: unique fully voiced character driven storyline, fully voiced audio diaries to help you find out what happened to the city's inhabitants, full soundtrack for the game, hunger/thirst system, player crafting, hunting, infected, guns, melee items, dynamic weather, day & night cycle, apocalyptic radio broadcasts, puzzles, hostile NPC's (if you come across one of these its best to take them out quietly so as not to alert others).
Full Demo v0.1 562MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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