Zombeer Moonbite Games, PadaOne Games / U&I Entertainment 2015

This is an enhanced and updated version of Zombeer (out in 2014 on PS3), a first-person shooter that is an unapologetically irreverent homage to everything kick-ass about zombie movies and drinking beer. With new narrative content from writers at Comedy Central, it's packed with humorous reference to classic zombie flicks of the past and, of course, a healthy supply of ammo and beer. In the near (and some might say lucky) future, there is a pandemic as a result of a virus that transforms the world’s population into zombies. That’s not the lucky part – it’s this: Once bitten by a zombie, the only way to stave off the infection is drinking beer. Playing as the hero "K", a survivor inflicted with the zombie virus and a wicked perpetual hangover, players must make their way through the zombie apocalypse managing a balance of sobriety and carnage to find his girlfriend Karen and get out before it's too late. Refined controls, interactivity and improved weapons are just some of the additions made to ensure a visceral good time. It includes an update soundtrack with new music for Red Bull Record's own Five Knives and more. All perfectly suited to jam to while raising hell in the zombie apocalypse. Players can now score headshots off zombies with bloody satisfying results. Remember to always double tap and don't be stingy with the bullets. Find the perfect balance of sobriety and carnage as players must chug Zombeer to prevent turning into one themselves , but be careful, too much of that stuff will make you hurl, limiting your mobility.
ISO Demo 1.90GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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