Phyrok / Peta City / Repulse / Genesis A.D. / Another Day / Run And Fire KTH, QUEEN's Soft / Allstar Korea, NHN USA Inc. 2009

Another Day is a sci-fi action MMOFPS made by Korea-based KTH. Another Day launched its OBT or open beta test phase on June 25 in Korea. As a strategic MMOFPS, this game features futuristic equipment and added diversity in player movements. This is an epic, Sci-Fi FPS that puts you in the realm of elite super-soldiers. Wield unique and dynamic abilities such as blasting through enemy lines with your impact booster backpack, jumping off walls, and deceiving your enemies with your cloaking ability. Tactical FPS combat meets sci-fi technology in Genesis A.D. Three hundred years in the future, the survival of mankind on earth and beyond depends on you. Take on the role of an elite super soldier, specializing in one of three distinct classes. Use cloaking technology to disappear from enemy scopes, or defy gravity by boosting through the air during combat. Customize your gear to build the ultimate soldier, vaporize enemies in multiple gameplay modes, and determine the true destiny of humanity. On November, 2011 the game's name was changed to Repulse. On August, 2012 the game was shut down but another revised version called Peta City came out and in 2014 yet another version available in Europe called Phyrok. A Russian version was named Run And Fire and shut down on June 30, 2017.
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