Giants: Citizen Kabuto Planet Moon Studios / Interplay 2000

Good humor in 3D games is a rarity and if it is introduced nevertheless into a game, the German translations often mess up the intent. Quite differently in Giants Citizen Kabuto: In no other play are the cutscenes so funny and offer such high-class British humor. However, beside the good cutscenes the game offers also excellent, captivating single player action. One takes over (successively, in 3 split campaigns) 3 different races. The Meccs, a humanoid race of space cowboys are first. The Meccs fight in troops with up to 3 members, can camouflage themselves as "greens", fly with jet packs and possess various firepower mixes. The Sea Reapers are next and one plays a light-dressed woman, with curved swords, and they possess magic powers. E.g., the cyclone which throws everything and everybody in the surroundings around the area is especially nice. Last but not least: The Kabuto, a gigantic creature which smashes whole villages within seconds with simple steps and blows. However beside the shooter elements, Giants offers even more: Later the Meccs can build up a base and Kabuto gets a younger generation. To try and obtain a Teen rating, before the U.S. release the developers added a top to cover Delphi's bare breasts. If you go in the Giants install directory, make a copy of arpfix.gzp and place it on your desktop and rename the one in the Bin folder to arpfix.old and when you start game again, Delphi will be topless as originally designed. A Geforce 3 Limited Edition adds significant performance improvements: tuned for the GeForce 3 and DirectX8.0, adds higher resolution textures, adds increased polygon-count characters, Vertex/ Pixel shaders, Meccs are now bumpy AND shiny, moves terrain bump map calculations from CPU to GPU, adds soft edges to character shadow, adds sky reflection on water, smooths transition from water edge to terrain, adds weather effects.

The graphics (except for some clipping mistakes) as well as the sound succeed very well, only the weak save function and the limited A.I. are real criticism points. The missions or scenarios are very varied and offer for hours fun. (Rev. by Enrique-Portuondo Ochoa)

Meccaryns Demo ~103MB Sea Reaper Demo ~101MB ( @
 1  2 
 1  2 
Full Demo ~181MB / Ambient Addon ~29MB Music Addon ~17MB (uploaded by keropi)
 1  2  3 
Full Demo 247MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Fan-Made Maps
2CD ISO Demo 1.17GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Geforce 3 Limited Edition - Clone 2CD ISO Demo + unofficial v1.497 beta update 1.33GB (uploaded by Shattered)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.4 1.16GB (uploaded by Shattered)

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