Twin Dragon Wylde Productions / Level Infinity 1998

This was to be another commercial add-on but all were cancelled due to poor game sales of Shadow Warrior. Some months pass and the rights for the add-on are finally given back to the original developers after a lot of complaining. This eventually led to the freeware release of the originally planned to be commercial add-on. It has 13 SP levels & 3 Wang-Bang deathmatch levels with new art, sounds, and end boss. It features music by Castles Music Productions. Lo Wang finds he has a brother, Lo Hung, that was adopted and raised by the evil overlord Pu Tang. As can be expected, Lo Hung did many evil deeds because the evil overlord taught him the dark ways of ninja fighting. Now Lo Wang is up to the task to battle through Lo Hung's evil fortress and face his twin brother.
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Free Addon ~6MB (uploaded by Proasm)
Included in: Shadow Warrior Complete Good Old Games Version ISO Demo 230MB (uploaded by Molitor) plus Wanton Destruction
included in 2013 Shadow Warrior Classic Redux - ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Shadow Warrior Classic Complete - GOG Free Game (uploaded by Good Old Games)

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