Wanton Destruction Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / 3D Realms 2005

This was supposed to be a commercial add-on for Shadow Warrior but never made it onto retail shelves and was thought lost in the bowels of time, but has now re-surfaced in September/2005 and is made freely available. The add-on chronicles Lo Wang's adventures after the original game. He visits his relatives in USA, but is forced to fight off Zilla's forces again. The game culminates with a battle against Master Zilla above the streets of Tokyo, which ends with Master Zilla's death. The download includes 12 new missions deaturing: Chinatown, Monastery Gardens, San Francisco Trolley Yards, Chinese Restaurant, Skyscraper Under Construction, On board a 747, High tech Secret Military Base, Japanese Bullet Train, Zilla's Auto Factory, and Tokyo Rooftops. In addition, the episode contains not one, but two full-size super secret levels that will have you on the edge of your seat! There's also 4 multiplayer maps ( three new Wang Bang-levels and a Capture The Flag-level), and requires the original v1.2 registered version of the game. Some enemies now have different graphics.
Freeware~22MB (@3D Realms) / Optimised Download 3.4MB (@ Proasm)
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Included in: Shadow Warrior Complete Good Old Games Version ISO Demo 230MB (uploaded by Molitor) plus Twin Dragon
included in 2013 Shadow Warrior Classic Redux - ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Shadow Warrior Classic Complete - GOG Free Game (uploaded by Good Old Games)

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