One Last Day Bloodwolf Studio 2015

Early Access Release This is yet another open world survival mix of Day-Z and Minecraft. When everything is over, when there is no society, law or even world and you need to fight every day for a last breath, your only goal is to survive one last day. Explore, hunt, be hunted, kill, destroy, build... Just do whatever you need to survive in a colorful, devastated world which the nature has taken back. Explore procedural generated world alone or with friends. Build and destroy - this is voxel and you can destroy every single piece of map. You can survive by gathering resources just from the nature. Be a scavenger, search stuff in abandoned buildings, or rob other players. Day / night cycles with consecuences and dynamic weather system. Dangerous world - avoid the acid radioactive rain and try not to be struck by lightning. Arm yourself, you can craft basic weapons and search for the most advanced weaponry. Create and customize your character, you can find clothes and wear them. It will eventually have vehicles (bikes, helicopters, quads and cars), skills and improvements, map events, multiple map support, and in-game shop (with in-game currency).
Full Demo v0.16a 98MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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