Guns & Ammo: The Ultimate Target Challenge Xicat Interactive, Ltd. / Electronic Arts 1998

This is a comprehensive gun almanac, complete with a side game that includes skeet shooting, target practice and a rifle range. Made by the people at Xicat, this point and shoot game features real sounds and actions of authentic guns. Every ping, click and chamber sound is present, as are all of the types of guns you could think of. Each firearm is displayed with statistics like speed, bullet size, capacity and model number. The types of guns you can select include handguns, magnums, rifles and shotguns. There are over 100 guns in total. The "Ultimate Challenge" lets you choose from the four different types of games, choose a gun and then start shooting. Skeet shooting requires you to hit clay disks as they fly through the air, but you only have 2 shots per disc. The rifle range mode makes you shoot at targets from near and far, forcing you to use accuracy and depth perception. Finally, the target shooting game lets you fire away on pop-up targets that appear all over the screen. A main portion of the cd is also devoted to the history of guns. It shows you military, hi-tech and classical guns. All of these firearms are represented with audio, video and text. Many guns and protection methods are chronicled and it also shows safety tips when handling the real thing.
Full Demo ~114MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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