Sylvio Apostrophe 2015

Sylvio is an indie first person horror adventure, in which you play as ghost recorder Juliette Waters. After trespassing into an old park, closed in 1971 after a landslide, she finds herself trapped in an old restaurant. Who are the people living in the park? Who is whispering on Juliette's recordings? And will she be able to survive one night in an abandoned family park? Juliette has a couple of gadgets to her aid. The Reel Recorder. Complete with nine recording reels, it can be played forward / backward in fast, slow or normal speed. The spirit world isn't always following our laws of time and space, so sometimes hidden messages can be found when listening to the recording through various ways. The shotgun. It is powered by the air pressure from a bug spray can, and can be loaded with anything found in the world that fits in the barrel. For example small rocks, spuds, pieces of glass, spikes, etc. The stereo microphone with oscillator. The microphone is for sound recording, and the oscillator for the frequencies outside the hearing spectrum. It will spark up differently depending on what kind of frequencies it picks up, and might help Juliette finding spiritual activity. There are 100+ inventories found throughout the world used only once or a couple of times. Juliette also finds a yellow car for transportation. In 2016, a free update for Remastered version was released with the game rebuilt in Unity 5, a newer version of the engine, and boasting improved graphics, full controller support, a new UI, and some gameplay tweaks.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Sylvio Remastered - ISO Demo 1.37GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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