Phantomers Dream Execution / NTT Game 2015

This is a free-to-play military FPS, providing different characters with a special skill system and stats. Each of the five character classes (Rifleman, Sniper, Pointman, Engineer and Destroyer) feature distinctive extra skills, such as the access and deployment of drones, sentry guns, sensors and supply racks. It offers more than five PvP modes, including classics, such as Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, Free for all, Domination and Headquarter, and all playable in 8-vs-8 matches. Players earn weapons and Passive Cards which allows them to assemble and customize their own distinctive weapon loadout. Dynamic level-elements with traps and secret routes. In-depth weapon assembly system. Class-related extras such as drones, sentry guns, detection sensors, supply racks. It's not a direct sequel to Dream Execution's War Rock, although veteran players might find some familiar elements. The game was shut down in 2016.
Download: None currently available

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