Infiltrator II Chris Gray Enterprises Inc. / Mindscape, Inc. 1988

Release Date: 1988 Jimbo McGibbets is back in the sequel to the original. You play a soldier on a mission to infiltrate the enemy's compound and spy on them. The game is broken up in to two parts: Walking around in the enemy camp, or flying missions in your advanced attack helicopter. You can enter enemy huts in the compound and retrieve weapons and information. Use gas grenades on the guards to give yourself time to search rooms. Flying your attack chopper presents you with a view out the cockpit and control panel. You will be attacked by numerous airplanes and can attack ground defense systems too.
Full Demo 114kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Floppy Image ISO Demo + No-Disk Crack by RhymeKidder 120kb (uploaded by Molitor)

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