District, The Kotach 2015

Early Access Release This game has action with elements of survival in the open world. You will have to look for weapons, to produce supplies, shelter from the weather and to get used to the conditions of a new life. The game takes place in an alternate reality somewhere in the depths of the United States. There's a crisis in the world, therefore no legitimate governance. The medical science cannot cope with different difficulties. At the same time a new kind of virus evolves in the USA. Science cannot explore the virus and decides to isolate all would-be infected. Because of the absence of finances, the government comes to ambiguous solution - to send the infected to an empty lands on the outskirts of civilization, under the supervision of physicians and the rest of the population. This supervision comes in the form of a reality show. Patients tries to survive, having scanty resources under 24/7 surveillance. You are the one trying to survive. Look for the other people, collect resources and food. Beware of wild animals.
Full Demo 621MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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