Firewind The Fourth Dimension Team / Digital Dreams Multimedia 1996

The dominators are the most powerful but also most ruthless force in the universe and are determined to destroy all living beings in the universe. To put a stop to their doing, you choose between three different ships and then fly out into space. The game plays like a normal horizontal shooter. While the screen moves slowly from left to right, wave after wave of enemies enter the screen from all sides and attack the player's ship. As the player shoots his way through these hordes of fighters, bombers and other types of ships, he earns points and picks up power-ups. While the power-ups are instantly activated and give him benefits like a temporary fire power boost, the points are used between the missions to upgrade the ship a little in terms of new weapons or more health.
Full Demo 34MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 673MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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