Zombie Playground Stealth Studios Inc. 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Oct 31/2016 This is Goonies meets Attack the Block meets The Walking Dead. It's a hybrid of third person shooter and action RPG mechanics set in a cooperative zombie survival horror arena. 1 Arena Style Map: Classroom Building Arena Map comprised of a Courtyard, a Main Entrance, and areas for Language Arts, Biology, Computer Science, and Music. Multiple Enemy Types + BOSS FIGHT. Normal, +Elite, and even a Big Bad Boss. From crouched zombies, to vicious adult zombies, to the dreaded mopper of the halls... Buckethead, the Janitor. Can you topple this giant flesh bag and live to tell the tale? 2 Playable Classes: 'Bully' is your damage dealing, tanky type class, where 'Rascal' is akin to an agility, or glass cannon, class. Both have their own stats and abilities: Bully-Bomb, Bully-Buff, Rascal-Can't Touch This, and Rascal-Speed Demon. 2 Playable Weapon Styles: Each class has both full melee and ranged combat capabilities, complete with combos and finishers. 4 Unique Weapon Choices (currently) to choose from: 2 melee weapons and 2 ranged ranged weapons. There's basic missions in the game, as well as the code base for many more. There's over 200 different aesthetic assets in the game at present, and more are coming. All customization will eventually need to be earned in game with XP. (Including pets!) Experience earned in the game will eventually be how you unlock items. Do you love that certain backpack, hairstyle, or pair of shoes? Up to 4 Player CO-OP Networking is a go. Original Soundtrack by the Amazing Shawn Lee brings some sweet funky beats, crossed with an 80's style retro feel. Some of Shawn's other credits include Bully, Tales from the Borderlands, and Sleeping Dogs. Be sure to check out the keyboard commands refresher, it will help you understand how to play the game better, complete with detailed descriptions of combos, finishers, and abilities.
Full Demo 802MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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