Hexen II: The Beginning Of The End RavenSoftware / Activision 1997

This uses a version of the Quake 1 engine. It's not as irritating as the original Hexen. You play a different hero's character and there are roleplaying aspects. Hexen 2 was one of the first (if not THE first) game in which originally 3D graphics map support was inserted. It features single player and multi player game modes, as well as four character classes to choose from, each with different abilities. These include the offensive Paladin, the defensive Crusader, the spellcasting Necromancer, and the stealthy Assassin. Improvements from Hexen and Quake include destructible environments, mounted weapons, and unique level up abilities. Like its predecessor, Hexen II also uses a hub system. These hubs are a number of interconnected levels; changes made in one level may have effects in another. Some of the early levels succeed really brilliantly and are fascinating with a lot of different textures which provide for diversity. Later the level-design has some low spots and after some hours playing time the degree of difficulty also clearly increases sometimes. Altogether Hexen 2 though is a successful game worth playing.

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Hexen 2: Continent of Blackmarsh OEM ISO for Matrox M3D video cards 352MB (uploaded by Maraakate)
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Level Demo v1.11 ~15MB ( @ fileaholic.com)
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Source Port
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
Rip Update Patch 1.11 ~0.4MB (made by DJ Speedstar & uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo (without CD Audio tracks) ~82MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 697MB / Music-Rip ISO Demo 292MB / Ready-To-Play Full Demo plus Portal of Praevus, Updates, Mods and Maps, HexenWorld and Pa3PyX's v1.15 port ~119MB / v1.11 Online Patch for Source Ports (@ FPS Legends)
Hexen 2: Continent of Blackmarsh OEM for Matrox M3D video cards 16MB (uploaded by Maraakate)
Hexen 2: Continent of Blackmarsh v1.10 OEM for Matrox M3D video cards NO CD 217KB (uploaded by Maraakate)
Hexen II Full Demo re-textured HQ 304MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
ISO Demo + Mods, Textures, Levels, Extras 391MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Heretic & Hexen Series ISO Demos + Mods, Extras, Scans (uploaded by hgdagon)
Full Demo v1.11 included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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