High Impact Paintball Sunstorm / WizardWorks, Infogrames 2000

Hide & Seek, Tag, Speedball, Capture the Flag, Siege, and Practice modes are all available and multiplayer action is supported over a LAN or the Internet. Outdoor maps are relatively small, square-shaped areas with some scattered trees, low fences, and junked cars for obstacles, so you really don't have much to do but occasionally duck behind a wall. Only a couple of the maps have any substantial elevation changes to add some sort of tactical depth. The 3D engine itself is buggy: Expect to get snagged on static scenery repeatedly, sometimes with no way of getting unhooked. In addition, collision detection is a big problem - paintballs sometimes pass through objects, and players can walk through trees. It's yet another bad paintball game though not as awful as Extreme PaintBrawl. Dull levels, bad enemy A.I., and crappy sounds...but hey, the player models look nice. ;-)
ISO Demo ~59MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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