Hyperspace Invaders II Atomhead, Entity Medialab / Black Shell Media 2015

This is a hardcore, uncompromising vertical scrolling bullet hell/invader hell shooter (shmup) that doubles as a techno-based lightsynth, triggering bursts of funky invaders at the pulse of a relentless beat. It's inspired by Geometry Wars, Space Invaders, heaps of retro shmups and all things Kenta Cho. Tempo-based gameplay (movements and triggers at the pulsing of a beat). Adaptive difficulty (harder as you play better). Generative gameplay (never the same level twice). Joystick support plus an OST of 10 tracks by reknown artists in the world of electronic music, such as Carl Finlow / Ronny Ragtroll / Karl Lihagen / Atomhead / Subjex / Zuvuya / Mergel / NoProblemCore / Psykovsky & Arcek / and WK(ES). Hardcore, uncompromising vertical scrolling bullet hell/invader hell action. Pixel Edition was later released on Steam with countless small new features such as gamepad vibration, added background effects, tighter gameplay, new enemies, updated graphics and more. On top of that, it also features an extra track/level by French flashcore artist HFK, pushing the engine to a gameplay tempo of 360BPM.
Pixel Edition - Full Demo 73MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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