iM1A2 Abrams Charybdis Enterprises / Interactive Magic Ltd. 1997

This represents the first truly serious tank simulation since MicroProse released M1 Tank Platoon way back in 1989. Created by the same design team that produced that classic, this pseudo-sequel manages to add several 90's enhancements to that tried and true formula. You are in direct command of four American M1 battle tanks. As the platoon leader, you can either direct the action from the relative safety of the map view, or you can hop in and take direct control of any tank within your platoon. Once inside a tank, you can act as driver, commander, or gunner at any time, while the computer automatically controls the other positions. Be warned, however, that since each member of the crew has his own realistic crew station, successfully commanding your vehicle in combat requires that you master four very different battle stations (and be able to switch among them on the fly). While true simulation aficionados will undoubtedly delight in this complexity, those looking for a quick dose of adrenaline may find the learning curve a bit steep. Then you also use an overhead map from which you can issue orders to not only your own tank platoon, but also multiple support units - various forms of artillery, mechanized infantry, air defense units, and attack aircraft. Although you cannot assume direct control of these units, you can assign waypoints and issue basic orders such as "advance," "retreat," and "attack target." The A.I. uses aggressive tactics but armchair warriors wishing to engage in a little subterfuge can battle it out head-to-head over IPX network, modem, and (coming soon) Internet play via Mplayer and iMagic Online.
Level Demo ~12MB ( @
ISO Demo v1.1 ~352MB (upped by Egon68)

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