Viscera Cleanup Detail: House of Horror DLC RuneStorm 2015

Long ago in the early 1990's, on a gloomy Halloween night in an old, cursed house, a wicked force began to stir. Foolish mortals dabbled in things they did not understand and could not comprehend. Evil was unleashed. The hapless fools that brought chaos back into the world were slaughtered. And now it falls to you to set things right. You must wash away the stains of evil. So get your mop ready once more and clean this mess up. Features: A whole new level set in a haunted suburban home, devastated by an evil force. New challenges and things to discover await in this large house and surrounding grounds. One expansive new map; a large haunted house and grounds. New songs for the Big Banger radio. Ten new achievements to complete. New assets and challenges unique to the haunted suburban home.
Download: None currently available

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