Iron One: Republic Crusaders [Ru] Openoko Entertainment / UralGames 2007

The world of the game is based in far alternative future. As a faithful soldier of special military farces you were sent to the battle for recovering secret technologies and military objects, which were lost during the war.
Having at disposal an abundant arsenal of weapon, beginning from automatic pistols and finishing on mini guns and sniper weapons, you must fulfill all purposes of mission assigned to you by the republican command.
You must put forefront rebellious riot, recover secret documents, eliminate leaders of terrorist groups and destroy secret fix-ups and laboratories, which came under control of enemy rebels.
Keep vigilance and caution! Lots of time the way to victory is so far from the violence, and from time to time conditions of the environment can assist in the achievement of purpose, which Republic set you.
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Russian ISO Demo + No-cd Patch 1.04GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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