TWilight INSanity Eikyuu Loop 2006

This is a vertical shoot 'em up that throws waves of bullets at the player while challenging them to shoot down enemies. Players get to choose a pair of characters from 3 available options and then must play through a number of vertical scrolling stages. Many enemies and some powerful bosses appear and will fire bullets in patterns that the player must try and avoid to survive, while firing their own attacks back. Most enemies will be destroyed quickly but bosses have health gauges, possess several phases and have their own "bomb" phase as a last resort. Players can use the basic firing attack (the style of which differs depending on who is currently being used) and tension attacks, which are basically this game's bombs. Only one character of the chosen pair are onscreen at any time but the player can switch between them at the tap of a button, changing the firing and tension styles accordingly. It's the first game in a trilogy followed by TWilight RefrAIN and Alternative Sphere.
Full Demo 344MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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