Steel Rain Adrian Zingg / PolarityFlow 2015

Prepare for the ultimate Shoot em Up - Strategy ReMix. Control 2 wings in different formations and firemodes to fight your way trough a wide variety of overwhelming enemy fleets. Liberate Planets, build colonies, research new technologies and learn new active and passive skills. SteelRain is a novel mix of strategy, rpg elements and a modern high speed shmup core. Construct buildings and research new technologies while playing missions to collect experience and cash for upgrades. Install new upgrades, construct drone pets and buy new wings. Switch between 3 different wing formations at any time and combine them with 6 customizable firemodes that allows special tactics and strategies for every situation. Complete missions and enjoy epic bossfights on 7 different planets, play random generated orbit patrols or create your own stages with the integrated stage editor. It offers wide gameplay variety, 10 difficulty levels and a hardcore mode for free modification of your gaming experience with full gamepad and joystick support for all parts of the game. Fight for leaderboard positions, get classic rankings and unlock over 70 achievements in this unique new indie game. Build, defend and manage your colonies, perform research and generate income. Unlock and research new active and passive skills for each firemode. Research new technologies to unlock new buildings, skills, drones and more. Choose from 6 categories of upgrades and quickbar items for 10 different wings. Stage Editor - Create, share and download new stages.
Multi4 Full Demo v1.7.2 113MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 93MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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