Hurricane of the Varstray, The: Collateral Hazard Studio SiestA / Rocket-Engine Co.,Ltd. 2015

This is a vertical scroll-type shooting game with a SF story - in the distant future, to defend the Earth against the invasion of mystery mechanical structures, 4 girls head to "the Varstray sector": far away from the Earth and considered as the villain. This is the latest original work by the devloper which last produced "Trouble Witches" after an interval of 7 years, into which they exhaustively poured their long-held shooting game development know-how! Feature: abundant game modes: Arcade mode - basic mode with 12 stages total; Score attack mode - compete on how much you can score within a certain time (This mode will be implemented with an additional free patch in early Jan.); Story mode - enjoy the story with voices attached to all the characters; Unlock mode - special mode which will appear when you fulfill certain conditions; Additionally, you can freely select (by default) 1 character from among 4. Every character has different properties and you'll get a wide range of attack methods. The game interface supports Japanese and English. You can also select subtitle language in "Story mode." Therefore, English-speaking people can enjoy the game content exhaustively. After the release of the main story, the successive provision of download contents such as additional modes or characters is scheduled; you can play it long time. Offering refreshed feeling for a wide range of users. Various relief measures for beginners are ready to have them experience the same refreshed feeling as that of experts. Additionally, methods of operation are designed to be user-intuitive; anyone can enjoy the game right away.

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Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Full Demo v3.20 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo v3.50 837MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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