Hayabusa Entis Soft 2010

You play the role of a satellite in this vertical-scrolling shooter. This game has some impressive CGI cut-scenes and is an homage to Ikaruga. You get colour chains from collecting enemy drops so it's like medalling in Raiden Fighters. 11 years have passed since humans launch their last space shuttle to collect samples on asteroids. Now they preparing to re-launch a similar project with the code name "Hayabusa." In this game player will control their space shuttle through 5 levels with 3 difficulties. Besides "D-Energy" as bombs, players will be equipped with "charge sampler horn." A special weapon that powerful enough to withstand bullets and create major damage. It also has stereoscopic 3D graphics options.
ISO Demo 445MB (uploaded by roioros)
Level Demo 25.5MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)

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