Kabus 22 / FearZone: Strefa 22 Merscom / Son Isik Ltd 2007

This game leads you to a place called Zone 22, which is invaded by all sort of monsters. The game is a "suvival-horor", with the third person view, like Resident Evil. You can play with different characters, through four main locations. The story of this game tells about the year 2000 when most of the people became servants to a mysterious cult lead by a man called Messiah. At the same time, the world (at least, Turkey, where the game takes place) is infiltrated by strange creatures. The protagonists try to understand the connection between the cult and the monsters in typical Resident Evil fashion – which means, dispatching the enemies and solving puzzles to progress further. Most problems are of "find a key or other way to open the door" kind, though some tasks are of more intricate kind. The action switches between 3 characters. Demir and Ebru are primarily using hand weapons (though can also perform melee attacks to push enemies away). Inzar excels in magic and martial arts - he employs two blades on his wrists to serve justice to the monsters.
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Turkish Demo ~429MB ( @ FileFront)
Free Bonus Game - Demolition Day ~107MB ( @ Win Software)
DVD ISO Demo 2.14GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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