Kingpin: Life Of Crime Xatrix / Interplay 1999

Heavily beaten up, one awakes in a backyard and starts on a mission of revenge against the responsible gang boss. Numerous side missions need to be fulfilled and to lead conversations from time to time to gather information. Mostly, nevertheless, one must kill others to get the necessary items you need. The representation of power and influence was up to this point the most far-reaching ever seen in a game. Now and then one can acquire assistants and to them give simple orders like "follow me" and "stay here". Armor can also be collected which offered protection of either the head region, the torso region or the leg region of the player. Weaponry begins with a small lead pipe but other weapons such as a pistol, shotgun, tommygun, flamethrower, grenade launcher and rocket launcher, will become available when picked up. Kingpin keeps track of weapon skills so that the player's aim is generally worse when they newly acquire a weapon and improves over use. Many of these weapons will be found hidden in rooms, but others will be for sale at the Pawn-O-Matic series of pawn shops. The pawn shop also sells health, armor, ammunition and upgrades for certain weapons. The player is able to hire certain goons who will the follow the player and use their own weapon to attack enemies. They feature their own damage display, similar to the player's, and can be ordered to follow the player or stay put. Some goons will also have lockpicking skills which can be used to open locked doors or safes. Gameplay in Kingpin was most noted for its profanity laden dialog and its graphic depiction of violence. An idea incorporated into the game was that of area-specific damage: A shot to the head would deal more damage than a shot on the leg. To complement this, each game character would also have a deformable skin, which could indicate where and how badly the character had been injured. Injured characters would also bleed, and leave a blood trail making it easier to follow them. The levels are at the beginning mostly in sleazy and filthy places, but later one also gets into richer areas. Kingpin wasn't able to create something really new in any area but what it did was done really well.
Sold Out release ISO Demo with v1.2 patch & manual plus scans & high resolution patch 696MB (uploaded by Shattered)
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Map Pack
 1  2 
Proper Full Demo *nothing ripped* ~130MB (patched to v1.21, created for 3DSL by dead-meat & uploaded by keropi) Mirror ~130MB (uploaded by Maraakate)Patch v1.21 ~2MB (uploaded by keropi)
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Fan-Made Maps
ISO Demo ~632MB (by otiscrusher)
High Resolution Patch
Kingpin Proper Rip 1.21 + DockCity + Rags2Riches + KP2 + Night Work + Tourneymod_win32, and Mirror 130+1+114+15+176+28MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
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AlcoholClone ISO Demo & Patch v1.2 675MB (uploaded by hfric)
Highly-Compressed Full Demo 80MB (uploaded by elfor)
Clone ISO Demo 662MB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.6 325MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Multiplayer Starter Pack 1GB (uploaded by elfor)

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