Flying Red Barrel: Diary of a Little Aviator From Orange_Juice / Rockin' Android, Inc 2009

This is a top-down, vertically-scrolling bullet hell shooter with planes. The story revolves around the Blue Sky Union, an organization established to keep the skies safe. The game takes place ten years after the foundation and the player is a girl, a member with the nickname Red Barrel. The game area is vertically oriented and takes up only about half of the width of the screen. On the left and the right side, portraits of Red Barrel and fellow members or opponents regularly appear during gameplay to show conversations. The game has a comic-like look with large black outlines. The player's red plane can be moved around anywhere on the screen and needs to shoot the incoming planes with an unlimited amount of constantly streaming bullets. As the amount of attackers is overwhelming, it also involves a lot of bullet dodging. Destroyed enemies leave behind gold coins that fill up to five missile icons in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once one is a full, a missile becomes available and it does a lot more damage than regular bullets. The plane has three lives and there are three continues in total. There are three difficulty modes and a high score table. Each stage ends with a boss character, usually with multiple targets on a single craft. The game is not entirely in 2D, as there are 2.5D sequences where enemies fly below or above Red Barrel.
Trial Level Demo 38MB (uploaded by Sk8Tokyo)
ISO Demo 101MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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