La Cosa Nostra Tony L. Ford / Slade 3D Software 1994

This was made using the Pie in the Sky software 3d GCS (Game Creation System). You pick up items with the enter key. It's a mobster themed FPS game with the first episode as shareware, registered users get the second episode sent to them. The player takes the role of NYPD investigator Slade A. Ryker, who must stop the crime boss Girabaldi and his gang after they murdered his partner/brother-in-law and now hold his wife hostage. It was included on at least one shareware compilation containing the first episode of the game. The second level of the first episode's level track is the theme from the film The Terminator, hinting the soundtrack comprises various MIDI files found on the Internet, though the game's variety in terms of textures, graphics and sounds is more than most Pie in the Sky engine games.
Shareware Level Demo 1.60MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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