Laser Arena Trainwreck Studios / ValuSoft 2000

This again is a deathmatch game similar to Nerf Arena Blast. One laser tags the opponents only. Nobody "really" comes to harm. The levels are very colorful and seen in neon-illuminated outlines, reminding me of the film Tron. One can play in a team and it also provides bots. The graphics are acceptable and with the Tron design unusual. The game runs even on slower computers still acceptably. A career mode is also implemented and naturally it is possible for internet play. Play modes include Free for All (Deathmatch), Team Match, Duel, Domination and Mega Target. Players have 3 "health canisters", and every hit diminishes one of them. After three hits, the player counts as "dead" and has to respawn after a delay. The game is based on a heavily modified Quake 1 engine, and despite being a budget-title, features some elements that were unique at the time of release. For example, the game models "Lasertag Grenades" which emit a vast number of shots in all directions, tagging every player in the vicinity. The "Mega Target" game mode is rather novel in that it requires players to hit three targets strewn across the playing arena, before they are allowed to enter a "core" in which they shoot a final target to score a point. As an added element, automated defense turrets shoot at enemy players, and some can be converted to fight for your team by shooting at a sensor above the turret. This disables the turret for a few seconds and, if it's a convertible turret, makes it fight for your side until an enemy deactivates/converts it again. The game does not feature different weapons, instead the player can collect powerups that increase the firing rate or the hit damage (thus reducing an enemy's energy canisters by two instead of one) for a limited time.
Level Demo ~6MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
Full Demo ~7MB (ripped for 3DSL and upped by keropi)
Full Game + Enhanced Mod 17MB ( @
ISO Demo 198MB (upped by Egon68)

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