Vortex: The Gateway StormCube Games 2015

Early Access, Full Release Date: Mar 22/2016 This is an open world survival horror game with two game modes. Due to a mysterious dimension vortex you will find yourself on an alien planet. Explore, adapt, build and fight to survive. You will have to face the dangers of the planet at different times of day, at changing temperature, hungry or thirsty. You can explore spectacular and dangerous places where you always remain a prey for the local species. If you want to survive then be alert, sneak, build and fight. Meanwhile life back on Earth changes dramatically. What changes? You will get bits of information through your adventure in the story mode. Maybe you can even get back home. In survival mode you have to take care of your friend Mike, who has a severe leg injury. You have to keep him alive and protect him from the dangers of the island. The dangerous aliens feels the weakness and will try to hunt him down. Don't let them succeed. Build and collect resources at day, plan your strategy to keep the attackers out at night. More and more might come as the days passes. Features: story mode - escape from the island; survival mode - protect yourself and your injured friend; a huge, diverse and fully explorable alien island with a unique atmosphere, visuals and emblematic sceneries; non-generated environment, every location was designed by hand; dynamic day-night cycle; crafting system - harvest resources to create equipment by combining them together; building system - build shelters, fences, storage, fire, etc.; survival aspects: hunger, thirst, stamina, health, different temperatures, hiding; living fauna - more than 30 types of harmless and dangerous animals; collect food, water and hunt; some of the story elements are available already; atmospheric music and sounds; Steam achievements.
ISO Demo 1.65GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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